Shakespeare’s dark drama retold with a live ensemble of epic percussion. A cast of actor-musicians fuse text, physical theatre & pulsating rhythms in this atmospheric & contemporary compression of Macbeth.  


Taking inspiration from cinematic and video game soundtracks, A Drum A Drum uses percussive grooves and pounding beats to propel Shakespeare’s story of an ambitious warrior conducted by the instruments of darkness.


A Drum A Drum is for all ages - for both newcomers and fans of Shakespeare – and for lovers of surround sound.


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Pitch is a fussy little fella who hates music. Everything he associates it with brings bad news. After running away to hide in his Mum's music shop, Pitch has no idea of the adventure that he's about to embark upon.


A brand new short play for young audiences, this music-filled piece aims to thrill children by displaying the creative power of musical storytelling. 


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